Tie wire 1061T-PC

Short Description:

Treatment: Poly Coated

Type: Loop Tie Wire

Function: Binding Wire

Product name: Poly-Coated Wire

Wire Gauge: 1.00mm(19Ga.)

Length: 33m(double wire)

Coil weight: 0.4kg

Packing: 50pcs/carton 2500pcs/pallet

Product Detail

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Model 1061T-PC
Diameter 1.0mm
Material Poly-Coated wire
Ties per Coil Approx.260ties(1turns)
Length per roll 33m
Packing Info.  50pcs/carton box, 420*175*245(mm), 20.5KGS, 0.017CBM
2500pcs/pallet, 850*900*1380(mm),1000KGS, 0.94CBM
Applicable models WL460,RB-611T、RB-441T and RB401T-E and more


1) Precast concrete products,

2) building foundations,

3) road and bridge construction,

4) floors and walls,

5) retaining walls,

6) swimming pool walls,

7) radiant heating tubes,

8) electrical conduits

Note: DOES NOT WORK WITH RB213, RB215, RB392, RB395, RB515 MODELS


What is Poly-coated wire used for?
Poly-coated wire is used in harsh environments like coastal area where metal is easy to get rusty. Thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance performance, it also can be used in scenarios that high standard is required such as nuclear power plant, large-span bridge etc. The long service life compared with common galvanized wire gives you more confidence at work.

Is Poly-coated wire interchangeable with other wire?
Yes, you can always change your regular tie wire to a poly-coated and no change needed to your tying machine.

What type of tie wire is available?
We manufactures annealed black steel, poly-coated annealed, electro-galvanized, and stainless-steel tie wire. Stainless steel wire is a special order item. If you require stainless please contact us.

How many ties can I make before I need to change the tie wire reel?
The capacity of a tie wire reel differs depending on the type of tie wire and the tool model being used. The 0.8mm series wire tying tools are able to tie 130 ties per spool(3turns). The 1mm wire series is able to tie between 150 and 260 ties per reel.

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