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The GNSS RTK E90 is equipped with wifi and NFC connectivity for flexible connection of other peripherals.

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The GNSS RTK E90 is equipped with wifi and NFC connectivity for flexible connection of other peripherals.

All new CHCNav brand GNSS RTK models are equipped with multi-channel connectivity in addition to Bluetooth as the regular E90 models are equipped with NFC and wifi connectivity. makes it possible to connect additional peripheral devices such as handheld rangefinders, reverb depth meters without having to plug in wires like before.

The multi-connection feature allows the CHC E90 GNSS receiver to be connected to the rangefinder to measure the intersection in the corners of the house without having to place the unit directly on the measuring point.

E90 RTK GNSS (4)

Technical Specification E90

Content Parameter
Receiver characteristics satellite tracking 6GPS+BDS+Glonass+Galileo+QZSS, support the third generation of Beidou, support five-star sixteen frequency
number of channels 624 channels
operating system LINUX operating system
Initialization time① <5s (typ.)
Initialize reliability >99.99%
Receiver appearance button 1 dynamic/static switch key, 1 power key
indicator light 1 differential signal light, 1 satellite light, 1 static data acquisition light, 1 power light
Nominal accuracy② static precision Plane Accuracy: ±(2.5+ 0.5×10 -6 ×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(5+0.5×1 0 -6 ×D) mm
RTK accuracy Plane Accuracy: ±(8 + 1×1 0 -6 ×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(15+ 1×1 0 -6 ×D) mm
Stand-alone accuracy 1.5m
Code differential accuracy③ Plane accuracy: ±(0.25 + 1×1 0 -6 ×D) m
Elevation accuracy: ±(0.5+ 1×1 0 -6 ×D) m
Electrification parameters Battery Built-in 6800mAh lithium battery, support 15 hours battery life of mobile station
External power supply Support external power supply via USB port
Physical properties size 160mm*96mm
weight 0.73kg
Operating temperature -45℃~+75℃
storage temperature -55℃~+85℃
Waterproof and dustproof IP68 class
shock shock IK08 class
Anti-drop Resist 2 meters free fall
Data output output format NMEA 0183, binary code
output method BT/Wi-Fi/Radio
Static storage storage format Can directly record HCN, HRC, RINEX
storage Standard 8GB built-in storage
Download method Universal USB data download; HTTP download
Data communication I/O interface 1 external UHF antenna port
1 USB-TypeC interface, support charging, power supply, data download
network module Handbook supports 4G full Netcom
radio Built-in high frequency 450-470MHz single receiver radio
protocol CTI protocol, transparent transmission, TT450
Bluetooth BT4.0, backward compatible with BT2.x, compatible with Windows, Android, IOS systems
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
NFC Support NFC flash connection
Receiver function multithreaded storage The receiver can record 4 threads of static data at the same time
Handbook parameters model HCE320
The internet 4G full Netcom (Mobile Unicom Telecom 2G/3G/4G)
operating system Android 7.1
CPU Octa-core ultra-fast processor
LCD screen 5.5-inch AMOLED self-luminous display
physical buttons full function button
Input CTI independent input method
Camera 800W
Battery 8000mAh
Three defenses IP68
electric stylus support

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