In order to meet the needs of Henan D.R. International's overseas business development and further enhance the security awareness and security management level of all employees, Henan D.R. International specially organized an Overseas Security Risk Analysis and Response Training at the headquarters on the morning of March 8th. Cheng Cunpan, Deputy Chairman of Henan D.R., Zhang Junfeng, Board Director of Henan D.R. and General Manager of Henan D.R. International, Ma Xiangjuan and Yan Longguang, Deputy General Managers of Henan D.R., and employees of Henan D.R. International participated in the training. Xie Chen, Deputy General Manager of Henan D.R. International, presided over the training.

      Before the training, Zhang Junfeng, Board Director of Henan D.R. and General Manager of Henan D.R. International, firstly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Wang Haifeng from Control Risks. Mr. Zhang pointed out that since the implementation of overseas strategy by Henan D.R., Henan D.R. International has built a presence in 11 countries and regions including Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Russia, etc., and it is particularly important to increasingly improve the security management measures in different countries and regions. This training is a measure to implement the 2022 Henan D.R. International Annual Management Work Meeting. At the same time, it is hoped that through this training, every employee can learn and be inspired from the security management such as personal and property safety in overseas institutions and overseas projects.

      This training is mainly consisted of three aspects: risk map and common risks, personal safety management overseas, and handling and response of extreme situation overseas. Mr. Wang taught the attendees the core concept of improving safety awareness and the basic knowledge and skills of safety management through personal experience, examples around him, video teaching, and communication and interaction.

      Yan Longguang, Deputy General Manager of Henan D.R., made a concluding speech on this training: Safety management work has only a starting point but no ending point. How to achieve safety requires both predicting and eliminating risks. Overseas employees should improve their own safety awareness, pay more attention to risk prevention and countermeasures, and Henan D.R. International should identify risk countermeasures while going global, and take solid and reliable prevention countermeasures.


Mr. Wang Haifeng from Control Risks was Giving a Lecture


Overseas Safety Training

      Through this training, all employees have a deeper understanding of the security situation overseas and the difficulties and risks of going global, which not only further improves the risk management capability and safety management level of Henan D.R. International, but also enables overseas employees to master more safety precautions, common sense of survival and extreme incident response measures overseas. We need to improve safety awareness and grasp the basic safety principle of " Life first" and we have the confidence and determination to take solid steps to go global.

Post time: Mar-22-2022