On the afternoon of March 7, Henan D.R. International 2022 annual management work meeting was held at the No.2 meeting room headquarters of Henan D.R.. Chairman Huang Daoyuan, General Manager Zhu Jianming, Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Huimin, Deputy Chairman Cheng Cunpan, leaders from Henan D.R. including Zhang Junfeng, Liu Liqiang, Ma Xiangjuan, Wang Chunling, Chen Jianzhong, Yan Longguang, Su Qunshan, Jia Xiangjun, Zhang Haomin, etc. and directors from Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Henan D.R. Jingmei Curtain Wall Technology Co., Ltd., Design Branch, Voyage Company Limited and other units attended the meeting. Regional financial staff in charge of Henan D.R. overseas business accounting, staff from Voyage Company Limited and Henan D.R. International, and personnel on vacation participated in the meeting. All the overseas institutions and overseas project departments also participated in the meeting through video. The meeting was presided over by Wang Zheng, Director of International Commerce of Henan D.R..

         The meeting kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Zhang Junfeng, Board Director, Deputy General Manager of Henan D.R. and General Manager of Henan D.R. and General Manager of Henan D.R. International, made the "2022 Henan D.R. International Annual Management Work Report". The report concluded the work done by Henan D.R. International in 2021. General Manager Zhang Junfeng pointed out that under the complex and severe international situation, the flare-ups of Covid-2019, and the serious impact on overseas business development, led by chairman Huang Daoyuan, Henan D.R. International, overseas institutions and project management departments has been working together to take the responsibility and promote the steady development of overseas business. As a result, big achievements have been made in the process of exploring new area and new market in different countries in 2021. The contracts of overseas projects under construction are performed in a good condition. Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone Building Materials Industrial Park and Pakistan EASYHOUSE low-cost housing investment project are advanced in an orderly manner, and the overseas business management and control capabilities of Henan D.R. International are continuously improved. The report also pointed out the problem and space to improve in 2021. In the new year, Henan D.R. International must adhere to the correct leadership of Henan D.R. and earnestly implement the overseas development strategy. The arrangement of main work in 2022 is also released in the report. The report called on all staff of Henan D.R. International to have a sense of urgency and a sense of mission to unite together, work hard and practically strive for a better and faster development of overseas business.


The Management Work Meeting


Visiting the Exhibition Hall of Henan D.R. & Voyage High-Tech Products.

         In order to draw lessons from the past, commend model individuals and promote the development of Henan D.R. International, Mr. Zhang Junfeng declared the "Decision on Recognizing Model Individuals of Henan D.R. International in 2021". Cheng Cunpan, Deputy Chairman of Henan D.R., presented awards to the winners.

          Zhang Guangfu, Deputy General Manager of Henan D.R. and General Manager in the region of South Asia, concluded the localized management experience from six aspects including employment, management personnel, market operation, procurement services, fiscal and tax management, and compliance operation.

         Based on the particularity of the overseas business of Henan D.R., Zhang Haomin, director of human resources and chief financial officer of Henan D.R., provided a specific plan for the human resources management and financial management of Henan D.R. International.

         Yan Longguang, Deputy General Manager of Henan D.R., affirmed the safety management work of overseas projects in 2021, and analyzed the safety management of overseas projects from three aspects including safety system, psychological safety of overseas project personnel, and emergency response.

         Cheng Cunpan, Deputy Chairman of Henan D.R., affirmed and supported the "Henan D.R. International 2022 Annual Management Work Report". Mr. Cheng reviewed the history of overseas business of Henan D.R., and said that Henan D.R. International has initially had the ability to achieve independent development and operation, and formed a team which can independently carry out research and make a decision for the implementation of overseas projects. In 2021, in the face of different policies on the prevention and control of the Covid-2019 pandemic in different countries and regions, Henan D.R. International has forged ahead to fight a hard battle with extraordinary courage, ensuring the orderly progress of overseas business. Mr. Cheng emphasized that with the breakthrough in new business and new area in different countries, Henan D.R. International must do a good job in the performance of the projects under construction, overcome difficulties, and set up an installation, operation and maintenance team as soon as possible. Mr. Cheng also put forward suggestions on strengthening the introduction and reserve of inter-disciplinary talents specialized in finance, legal service and international procurement.


Mr. Zhang Junfeng Was Making the Work Report.


Deputy Chairman Cheng Cunpan Was Awarding the Model Individuals.


Mr. Zhang Guangfu Was Making A Report


Deputy Chairman Cheng Cunpan Was Delivering A Speech

         Zhang Huimin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan D.R., affirmed the work done by Henan D.R. International in the past year. After listening to the work report of Henan D.R. International and the localized management experience in South Asia, Mr. Zhang said that overseas development has entered a new era, and he was full of confidence in overseas work. The confidence comes not only from the "Belt and Road" initiative, but also from the implementation of overseas strategy guided by Chairman Huang and the high attention paid by Henan D.R.. Mr. Zhang was confident that, with increasingly improved overseas management system and increasing number of staff working overseas, the overseas business has great vitality and bright prospect. Secretary Zhang requested that Henan D.R. International should attach great importance to the safety of projects and personal working overseas in light of the conditions in different countries. Secretary Zhang also made arrangements and requirements for the next step of the party organization construction of Henan D.R. International.

         On behalf of Henan D.R., Zhu Jianming, General Manager of Henan D.R., expressed his gratitude to Henan D.R. International for overcoming various difficulties such as the impact of the pandemic to ensure the stable operation of overseas institutions and projects. Mr. Zhu emphasized that we shall have confidence, and unwaveringly adhere to the strategic goal of building a technologically efficient, diversified international enterprise. We shall be confident in going global and conduct overseas business on the basis of risk controlling and pursuing progress while ensuring stability. Mr. Zhu also emphasized the importance of doing a good job in safety management, requiring Henan D.R. International to strengthen the implementation of system construction, and put forward requirements for standardized management of overseas business with rule of law. Mr. Zhu finally said that Henan D.R. International still had a great potential to develop, and Henan D.R. will fully support the development of Henan D.R. International and realize the strategy of being driven by domestic and overseas market.


Zhang Huimin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Was Delivering A Speech.


General Manager Zhu Jianming Was Delivering A Speech.

       Huang Daoyuan, chairman of Henan D.R., first expressed his condolences to the staff working overseas, agreed and recognized the 2022 Management Work Report and speeches made by the leaders, and congratulated Henan D.R. International on the successful and efficient completion of renaming, division of department responsibilities. Chairman Huang emphasized that Henan D.R. was determined to promote the overseas strategies. At the same time, we shall recognize the coexistence of opportunities and risks in overseas operation, have a thorough understanding on the difficulties and risks, and have a long-term plan for the overseas business development. Chairman Huang also put forward the vision that overseas market is an integral market which shall be ran in a good manner. Chairman Huang said that the goal of developing the international market is for the growth and happiness of the staff and the income of shareholders.


Chairman Huang Daoyuan Was Delivering A Speech.

         Chairman Huang said that given the tough competition in the domestic market, it is necessary to find a differentiated road. Through the simultaneous development of the domestic and overseas markets, our business achievements shall be able to support the happy life of all the staff and meet the needs of cooperative partners. Finally, Chairman Huang once again sent blessings and condolences to the staff working on the front-line, and wished Henan D.R. International to make greater achievements in the new year.

         At the meeting, directors of various overseas institutions and overseas projects made speeches through video, thanked the company for its concern and support. They unanimously said that they will continue to stick to their posts, implement projects well, and do a good job in contract performance and market development and complete various tasks.

         2022 marks the seventh year for Henan D.R. to put forward its overseas strategy and the first year for the establishment of Henan D.R. International. Under the correct leadership of Henan D.R., we believe that all the staff of Henan D.R. International will unite as one to continue to create a prosperous overseas business in a pragmatical manner and write a new chapter for the international development of Henan D.R..

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