Short Description:

Overall Length: 313mm

Pulling Force: 10 kN (2,200lbs)

Skin Weight: 1.9kg

Sound pressure level: 75 dB

Stroke: 25mm

Vibration: 2.5 m/s2

Voltage: 18V

Weight (with battery): 2.2kg

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Makita DRV150Z Brushless Rivet Gun for 3/32″ to 3/16″ Diameter Rivets

The Makita DRV150Z Brushless Rivet Gun includes:

Tool only – batteries and charger sold separately

191C04-2 Accessory set 4.0

199728-6 Accessory set 3.2

199729-4 Accessory set 2.4





• Adjustable rivet diameters – the DRV150 is capable of pulling rivets up to 4.8mm (3/16”) including 4.0mm (5/32”), 3.2mm (1/8”) and 2.4mm(3/32”)

• Rivet holding mechanism – mechanism in the nose piece holds the rivet in place even when working on flat surfaces, preventing the rivet from falling out. Increasing safety and convenience

• LED light – after engaging the switch trigger the LED joblight will illuminate and remain on for approximately 10 seconds after the switch is released

• Short center height – the height between the top of the tool housing and the centre of the nose cone is only 26mm allows the user to position the head comfortably in tight and narrow places

• Transparent mandrel box – after installing the rivet, eject the broken off mandrel into the transparent mandrel box by tilting the tool backwards. The box catches each mandrel and the user can see once the container is full and needs to be emptied

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended cleaning interval is every 3,000 rivet installations.

If dust is accumulated, it deteriorates the movement of the jaws and may accelerate wear of the jaws and jaw case. To clean the jaws and jaw case follow the steps below.

1. Remove the jaw case.
2. Remove the jaws from the jaw case
3. Clean the jaws with a brush. Remove any metal powder clogged between the teeth
4. Apply supplied grease evenly to the inner jaw case
5. Install the jaws to the jaw case
6. Install the jaw case and reassemble the head assembly
7. Insert rivet into nose piece and remove wiping away any excess grease

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