Max RB-440T-B2CA/1440A Rabar Tying Tool

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PRODUCT NO.: RB-440T-B2CA / 1440A

DIMENSIONS:  295 x 120 x 330 mm

WEIGHT:  2.5kg

TIE SPEED:  0.7 sec or less(when it’s tying D10 x D10 rebar at full battery)

BATTERY:  JP-L91440A、JP-L91415A(applicable for all 3 models)

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First TWINTIER to revolutionize rebar tying

This model can tie conbination of minimum D10 x D10 up to D25×D13×D13.

The tool show power to wall, column, beams and housing foundation which worker find it hard to tie for.



PRODUCT NO. RB-440T-B2CA / 1440A
DIMENSIONS 295 x 120 x 330 mm
WEIGHT 2.5kg
TIE SPEED 0.7 sec or less(when it’s tying D10 x D10 rebar at full battery)
BATTERY JP-L91440A、JP-L91415A(applicable for all 3 models)
APPLICABLE REBAR SIZE D10×D10~D22×D22、D25×D19、D13×D13×D25、D16×D16×D13×D13
ACCESSORIES Lithium-ion battery pack (JP-L91440A x 2), charger (JC-925A), hexagon wrench 2.5, instruction manual, warranty card, carrying case
APPLICABLE WIRE PRODUCT/GA TW1060T(Japan)、TW1060T-EG(Japan)、TW1060T-PC(Japan)、TW1060T-S(Japan)
TIES PER CHARGE 4000 times(with JP-L91440A battery)


Greater protection against debris and moisture entering the tool

5 times faster than manual tying

Makes ties in less than 0.7sec. per tie with consistent tie strength

High speed tying saves you time and money

The TwinTier's dual wire feeding mechanism (patent pending) increases productivity

The TwinTier's wire pull-back mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire usage

The TwinTier's wire bending mechanism (patent pending) produces a shorter tie height

Use of the TwinTier reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscular skeletal disorders

Tie between #3x#3 and #7X#7 rebar

A thinner arm fits easily at a 45⁰ angle for tight ties

Hang the tool from your belt while not in use

Lower power consumption per tie allows the TwinTier to produce approximately 4000 ties per charge

Rapidly load the dual wire coil with new quick load magazine design

Effortlessly open gears to quickly feed wire when loading the wire

Applicable Rebar Combination


Two-strand rebar


Three-strand rebar


Four-strand rebar

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